Kevin F. - Aberdeen, MD

Craft Masters Remodeling is GREAT, we had them completely replace the outside our 1400 square foot home as well as give us a fire pit and stone patio in our backyard. The replacement of siding, front door / side door, adding a stone facade to our garage and replace the gutters took them about 10 days and 7 days for the patio, WE COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.

Pros: Workmen were on time, if not early, to prep the job but did not commence work until 7:30am to ensure that they did not disturb my neighbors. (note: Workmen worked on a Sunday morning but did not commence work until after 08:00am out of respect to me and my neighbors sleep schedules)

Workmen straighten up every evening at 5:30pm, they left the work site tidy but not always clean, but more than satisfactory to my neighbors and out tastes.

Every time there was a problem with the either job, our representative would address the problem immediately and in clear term explain how and when the problem would be addressed.

Even after three months after the siding job was complete, when a problem developed we called our Craft masters representative he would address the problem and the problem fixed with in 12 to 48 hours, (if a part was needed to be ordered).

Even though their cost was about $3000.00 more than our lowest bid, but the quality and variety of the products that they offered was much better quality and well worth the cost and our Craft Masters representative helped and guided us through out the entire process.

Cons: Due to a miscommunication between the job foreman and our representative the workmen removed two sides of our home's siding and gutter off our home on the same day. This lead to a basement clean up of water due to a evening rainstorm.

The workers left building material in our drive way, even though they job was completed and was told that they would be removed then was not. I contacted our representative about this and a team was there the next day to remove the material and I was told the person(s) that was responsible for the problem was no longer an employee.

The backyard patio needed a retaining wall and the design was accidentally changed due to a miscommunication between us (the owners), our craft masters representative and the job foreman. Craft Masters covered the cost of labor and charged us for only materials use. (The change was minor and only made the aesthetic of the patio better, so we were OK with the added cost.

In summary, Craft Masters is FIVE STAR business that I fully recommend and commend on the service that they provided.